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Title:      God's Principles of Healthful Living
Categories:      Healthful Living
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Authors:      David C. Pack
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Number of pages:      38
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God’s physical creation is governed by definite, physical laws. These include laws that regulate our bodies. To be healthy, you must follow them. But when they are broken, sickness results.

When a person breaks these principles and laws of health—whether through omission or negligence—the body suffers. Among the negative results are malnutrition, atrophy from inactivity, or exhaustion from lack of rest—simple cause and effect.

In this booklet, we will examine several factors contributing to physical well-being, and help you identify areas where improvements could be made. Some of these involve the breaking of firmly established bad habits. These must be replaced by new habits that harmonize with God’s laws of health. A mind that wants to obey God will look for ways to improve and upgrade life. This includes being more alert, awake, and alive!

Though not stated in detail in the Ten Commandments or other statutes and precepts, the physical laws of health are living laws—they are real—and the Bible addresses many of them in principle. Breaking them is physical transgression—physical sin.


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