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Title:      The Truth About HEALING
Categories:      Healthful Living
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Authors:      David C. Pack
ISBN-10(13):      RCG0BTTAHE
Number of pages:      60
Language:      English
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Why must people be sick? Why do so many move from illness to illness and doctor to doctor seeking remedies, cures and relief from a host of ailments, often spanning a lifetime? Why should so many have to spend much of their lives suffering—battling every conceivable condition from the common cold to life-threatening strokes or cancer?

Consider the average doctor’s waiting room. It is FILLED with people seeking treatment. They have no idea why they are sick—or what they should do about it. Such people have been trained—conditioned—to believe they must seek “expert medical advice” when sick. As a result, work loss is increasing, hospitals and clinics are full, medical and healthcare costs are soaring—with a corresponding rise in cases of physician fraud and malpractice—and there is a constant need for more doctors and equipment to diagnose and treat the skyrocketing number of patients. Suffering and confusion abound! And many are dying long before the end of a full lifetime.

Illness and disease have stalked mankind for millennia. Plagues and sickness have been as inseparable from the history of civilization as the weather or people themselves. Sadly, today, disease and crippling conditions are a fact of life for large segments of humanity.



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